Montreal probaly has the the largest number of restaurant per capita in Canada after New-York. Like ten years ago there were few option for restaurant delivery. In fact, the fewer restaurant was in some what anything you woul want to eat.  Now, the idea of ordering in without having to go out and pick it up was more of a novelty than a regular occurrence.

You can now easily order from Vroom, UberEats and Foodora.

Vroom is the porduct of Uppster, a start-up Factory in Montreal. After experiencing success with DishwasherHero, the saw a huge gap in Montreal which need the fulfill as soon as possible. So they set up Vroom.

Today, Vroom has a long long long list of curated restaurants and other local merchants all accross Montreal. New restaurants are added as users request them. Delivery roughly cost 4.50$. It all depends on the distance. They also take 9% of the cost. Their business model is similar to Postmates in the United States.

Vroom are delivering roughly over 200 orders per day with a fleet close to a 100 drivers. In fact, Vroom is the fierce rival of UberEATs in Montréal. 

Vroom sits on the higher end of the food delivery spectrum in the city: Couriers will get you food from any restaurant you request, in the way you request it. They challenge to get everything delivered in 35 minutes or less.