Fastest Way to Order Food Delivery in Montreal – For Tourist

For those tourists in Montreal looking for food delivery service in Montreal, don’t worry! We have a platform just like Postmates. Whatever you want, you can get it in 35 minutes. It’s call Vroom. By the way, most of the courier speak english.

For all of the delivery app, you’ll have to do the following before they can deliver your food to you:

  1.  You’ll have to create an account.
  1. Then you’ll have to search for restaurants through the platform.
  1. Next, you’ll have to start looking through the menu of the restaurant you’ve chosen.
  1. Finally, you’ll have to proceed to the checkout where you’ll have to set up a payment account.

Using Vroom

Vroom works pretty much like Postmates in the United States. You order the food through the website or app, someone will pick up your food, and deliver it to your doorstep. You’ll pay for whatever your food costs, plus a delivery fee which varies based on the distance of the restaurant from where you want the delivery to, plus a 9% service fee, and an a mandatory tip for the driver.